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Acrylic paint jars are fast-drying with a medium-heavy body. The have the ability to deliver vibrant colours in both matte and gloss finishes. The versatility, durability of these <a title=”Art Materials | Daler-Rowney” href=”https://www.daler-rowney.com/art-materials/”>art materials</a> make acrylics perfect for beginners and experts alike.

From dabbing to dry brushing, acrylic paint jars apply in many different ways. Squeezing the colour straight from the tube onto the surface creates a 3D impasto texture, much like the technique synonymous with oil painting.

The natural opacity of acrylics ensures they applied to any surface, even concrete, wool and textile.

If you’re using a thin or watered-down technique, then “acrylic paper” would be the best surface to work on.

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