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Watercolor Pencils design to provide the most efficient alternative to pencil sets with little color variation. Water-Soluble Colored Pencils are perfect for dry and wet artistic creations.

These watercolor pencils have professional grade quality and versatility. That allows for creating a range of bold, vibrant, subtle and exciting effects. Manufactured from the combination of conventional watercolors with high pigment content. These pencils are perfect for wet or dry color blends. They come in an extremely affordable pack of 12, 24 & 36 premium watercolor pencils that are easy to use for artistic paintings or drawings.

Each pencil has been pre-sharpened to a fine point. Provides a much better alternative to hard & waxy pencil leads that slip color outside your line. The build quality of the pencils, color dipped-end and 3.4mm thick break resistant leads. That are slow to wear allows for easy color identification, much easier handling and also helps to bring out accurate details.

You can create intense colors, blend color and create washes by dragging sponges or damp piece of clothing over dry marks.

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