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There are three types of calligraphy pen set to choose from: a traditional dip pen, a disposable pen, or a cartridge-filled pen. Which you choose boils down to personal preference.

Dip pens allow for more freedom in nib and ink choice, though they tend to be messy and have a steeper learning curve. Dip pens also require more tools to get started, as nibs must be used with nib holders.

On the other hand, a disposable or cartridge-filled pen is much cleaner and more convenient. However, these pens are more limited in the kinds of inks and nibs available.

Traditional calligraphy inks are thicker and will clog the feed mechanism of cartridge-filled pens, and disposable pens are not refillable.

All types of branded calligraphy pen set are available at Fine Art Material.

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