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Mod Podge Glue

Mod Podge is a well-known brand of water-based sealant, adhesive, and finish used in various arts and crafts applications. It may be used as a sealer for decoupage and other creative processes, as well as to adhere paper, cloth, and other porous materials to a variety of surfaces. 

Mod Podge may be applied with a brush or sponge and comes in a variety of formulations, including gloss, matte, satin, and glitter. Once dried, it dries transparently and may be sanded or painted over.

Types of Mod Podge Glue

Various Mod Podge formulations are available for various project kinds and surface qualities. The following are some of the most common varieties of Mod Podge:


  • Gloss: This formula produces a high-gloss, reflective finish.
  • Matte: This formula offers a flat, matte finish for applications where you don’t want any shine.
  • Satin: This formula has a slight satin finish that falls between matte and gloss.
  • Outdoor projects: This formula is perfect for outdoor usage because it is made to be weather- and water-resistant.
  • Hard Coat: This formula offers a long-lasting, hard finish that is perfect for things that will be handled or used regularly.
  • Sparkle: This mixture contains tiny glitter particles to give your work a shimmering appearance.
  •  Mod Podge Ultra: The multifunctional, all-in-one Mod Podge Ultra recipe may be used as a sealant, adhesive, and finish. It is also non-toxic and dishwasher safe.


How to Use Mod Podge Glue?/Step-by-Step Guide


Mod Podge is a multipurpose adhesive, sealant, and finish that may be used in a wide range of arts and crafts projects. Here’s how to apply it:

  1. Prepare your medium: Before using Mod Podge, ensure the surface is clean and dry.
  2. Apply Mod Podge: Apply a light coating of Mod Podge to your surface using a brush or sponge. Work in a single direction and remove any bubbles or creases.
  3. Add your content: Place paper, cloth, or other porous materials onto the Mod Podge-coated surface and smooth out any creases or bubbles before adhering them. Add a second, thin coat of Mod Podge on top to secure the material in place.
  4. Repeat layers: To thicken the finish and provide more protection, you can use many coats of Mod Podge.
  5. Let it dry: Before handling or adding further coats, let the Mod Podge completely dry.

But the instructions vary for different types of Mod Podge glue, so make sure to read the instructions on the label before use.

On our Website

Looking for a versatile and durable adhesive for your DIY projects? Mod Podge is your best option! We have up to 12 different formulas of Mod Podge glue available on our website.

 High-gloss, matte, outdoor, and glitter Mod Podge formulations are all available on our website to fit any project. Simple to apply and transparent when dry, Mod Podge is ideal for sealing and preserving your final items and adhering paper, cloth, and other materials to various surfaces.



  1. Can I use Mod Podge Glue to seal my painted or decorated surfaces?

Yes, you can seal painted or embellished surfaces using Mod Podge. Simply use a brush or sponge to spread a thin coating of Mod Podge over your surface and let it air dry entirely. Your surface will be more secure, and it will continue to look fantastic.


  1. Is Mod Podge Glue safe to use on food-related projects?

No, using Mod Podge on surfaces that directly contact food is not advised. Although Mod Podge is non-toxic when dry, it should not be used on dishes, glasses, or utensils that will be consumed.


  1. How long does it take for Mod Podge Glue to dry, and how can I speed up the drying process?

Mod Podge Glue normally takes 15-20 minutes to dry to the touch and 24 hours to cure fully. You may use a fan, hair drier, water to thin the Mod Podge, or a heat gun set to low heat to hasten the drying process. When utilizing heat, exercise caution since intense heat might result in cracking or bubbling.


  1. Where can I buy Mod Podge Glue in Pakistan, and what is the price range?

You can easily buy Mod Podge glue in Pakistan from our website. The price range varies from ₨ 680 — ₨ 4,500.


  1. Can I use Mod Podge Glue on outdoor projects, and will it withstand weather conditions?

Yes, Mod Podge has a formula made exclusively for outdoor projects and is resistant to various weather situations. This formulation dries to a transparent, satin finish and is UV-resistant and water-resistant. It may be applied to many different surfaces, including metal, wood, and terra cotta.


  1. How do I clean my brushes and surfaces after using Mod Podge Glue?

After applying Mod Podge Glue, rinse your brushes with warm water and detergent, and then gently scrub the bristles until all traces of Mod Podge are gone. Use a moist cloth or sponge to remove any excess Mod Podge off surfaces while it’s still wet. Removing Mod Podge after it has dried might be trickier, but it can usually be done with a scraper or adhesive remover.


  1. What are some tips for getting the best results with Mod Podge Glue in my art or craft projects?

Here are a few simple tips for using Mod Podge Glue to achieve the greatest results:

  • Before using Mod Podge, make sure the surface is clean and dry.
  • Layers of Mod Podge should be thin and uniform.
  • To prevent leaving brush marks, use a soft-bristled brush.
  • Before adding the following layer, let the one before it entirely dry.
  • Lay down materials carefully for decoupage, and smooth down any air bubbles.
  • For a smoother finish between applications, gently sand.
  • To increase shelf life, store products in a cool, dry area.

 In addition to this reliable information, you can rely on our website to provide quick and dependable shipping with high-quality Mod Podge at a fantastic price.

Order from our website immediately to add Mod Podge to your creative materials!


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