ST Gouache Powder In Fluorescent Colors


ST Gouache Powder in Fluorescent Colors is a high-quality, versatile and vibrant painting product perfect for artists of all levels. This gouache powder comes in a range of eye-catching fluorescent shades that can be easily mixed with water to create a smooth, opaque and long-lasting paint. The fine-grain texture of the powder ensures even coverage and allows for easy blending, making it ideal for creating bold and striking artworks on a variety of surfaces such as paper, canvas, and cardboard. Whether you are a professional artist or a beginner, ST Gouache Powder in Fluorescent Colors is a must-have for your art supplies collection.

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Gouache Powder In Fluorescent
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ST Gouache Powder in 10 gram bottle is made by selecting only the very best pigments and highest grade of gums. It’s easy to use, just only adding with water and can create new color.

These quality ST gouache powder can be used as finger paint and also body paint. Because the color is non-toxic and have standard approve by CE from Europe and ASTM from the United States.

Made In Thailand.

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