Master Class Extra Fine Artist Soft Pastels

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Available In Set Of 15, 30 & 45 Pcs Box

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Master class extra fine artist quality soft pastels are available in set of 15, 30 & 45 pcs box and have following features:

  1. Pastel has a highest pigment to binder concentration.
  2. Intense and vibrant tones including complex shades highly appreciated by pastel artists.
  3. The pastel sticks deposit very bright in saturated hues. Suitable for any type of pastel paper, including craft paper and high density paper. The color glides on to any surface.
  4. Well suited for blending and layering colors. Their consistency enables the most skilled pastellists to deposit subtle and even color.
  5. Allows to create both smooth shading and fine lines for detailed work. Blending can be done with finger, blending tools or a brush.

Master Class pastels are result of more than 85 years experience of artist’s materials creation. We use only time tested pigments and innovative special additives to create a high quality and affordable product.

Made In Russia

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