ST Poster Color Set Of 12 Pieces – 15ml


This set contains 12 pieces of 15ml poster colors and 1 plastic palette.

The ST Poster Color Set is a set of 12 vibrant and high-quality poster colors, each containing 15ml of paint. Perfect for artists, designers, and hobbyists, these water-based colors are easy to use and blend, creating a smooth and even finish on paper, cardboard, and other surfaces. With its excellent lightfastness and durability, this color set is ideal for creating long-lasting and eye-catching artwork. Whether you’re creating posters, illustrations, or other designs, the ST Poster Color Set is a must-have for your collection.

ST poster color set for drawing and painting


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ST poster color set are made of high quality raw material. These concentrated colours contain rich, pure pigment that produce intense colour. ST poster colours have standard approval by CE from Europe and ASTM from the United States. Our process produces of high advance technology and the best ingredients.

Made In Thailand.


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