Sonnet Artist Watercolor Set Of 21 Full Pans Metal Box



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Artistic watercolor “Sonnet” are designed for beginners and professionals who are opening or improving their creativity.

Manufactured by modern formulations based on predominantly synthetic organic pigments and a binder.

Has an intense color and transparency. Excellent mixed, and easily taken blurred on the brush. A balanced palette of 21 colors, ergonomic metal pencil case “Sonnet” can solve many creative challenges young artists. Made In Russia.

Set contains:

1. Zinc white***

2. Hanza lemon***

3. Yellow medium***

4. Yellow deep***

5. Gold Ochre***

6. Orange*

7. Red Light**

8. Carmine**

9. Madder lake red**

10. Azure***

11. Ultramarine light***

12. Blue***

13. Bluish green***

14. Violet light*

15. Violet deep*

16. Emerald green***

17. Sap green***

18. Green deep**

19. Burnt Sienna***

20. Burnt Umber***

21. Lamp Black***

Made In Russia.


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