Milan Waterbased Brush Markers

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Fibre pen brush markers which create a 0.5 mm to 4 mm paintbrush stroke. Ideal for calligraphy and writing with different strokes and mixing colors.

Water-based paint which creates bright, easily-applied colors that can be mixed together. It can be easily washed out of most fabrics (soak the item in cold water for an hour and then machine-wash on a cold setting). With a perforated safety cap.

Made in Spain

Milan Waterbased Brush Markers are a versatile tool for artists, designers, and calligraphers who want to create beautiful artwork with ease. These markers feature a flexible brush tip that allows for both fine lines and broad strokes, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

The ink used in Milan Waterbased Brush Markers is water-based and non-toxic, making them safe for use by children and adults alike. The ink is also quick-drying and water-resistant, ensuring that your artwork will not smudge or fade over time.

One of the standout features of Milan Waterbased Brush Markers is their vibrant colors. They come in a range of bright, bold colors that are perfect for creating eye-catching artwork. The markers are also refillable, so you can continue to use them for a long time.

Overall, these Brush Markers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality marker that delivers beautiful colors and a flexible brush tip. Whether you’re creating artwork, designing, or calligraphing, these markers are sure to exceed your expectations.

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