Masterclass Extra Fine Artist Acrylic Paints Set Of 12x18ml



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The artist acrylic paints of the “MASTER-CLASS” was specially developed for professional users and combines traditional production methods with innovative processing.

Due to the high color saturation of the pigments and the minimal addition of fillers, the gloss, intensity and toefe of the color are retained after drying. The carefully formulated emulsion gives the color a rich texture and well-balanced volume.

The acrylic paint “Master-Class” is perfectly suitable for the traditional painting as well as for other types of creative work and allows the artist best results.

Kit Contains following colors: *** Titanium white*** Lemon*** Permanent Yellow** Permanent red** Carmine*** Cobalt Blue*** Ultramarine light*** Phthalocyanine green*** Olive green*** Raw sienna*** Burnt umber*** Mars black*** or Lamp black***


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